Air Boards A New Challenger #1


Despite being in love with the racing world of air boards, Zack O’Neil doesn’t have the skills or mechanical mind to compete in the upcoming world tournament. That is until he meets Aero, a talented, ferret mechanic who has some shocking information. With little time before the first race, will Zack be in racing shape before the tournament starts?

Darryl Cokes II

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Being in love with the sport of Air Boards from a young age, Zack lives with the dream of one day being recognized as the best racer in the world. After entering the Air Board World Grand Prix, Zack along with his two friends, Raven and Aero, face a number of challenges, rivalries, and thrills as they learn what it takes to be the ultimate rider.

Format Clear
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