Agents Of S.T.A.R. #1


Special Agents Gale Allen, “Spurt” Hammond, Stella Dawn, and Cadet Kenzie Carson fight crime across the galaxy, most notably the Warlord Blaga Daru.

James A Conder

Standard Comic
Black & White

Page Count: 28

What It's About

As Blaga Daru expands his empire, Agent Gale Allen of S.T.A.R. and her agents escort the captured criminal Karmud to prison. While on the way, their path crosses that of Cadet Kenzie Carson, who having crashed a “borrowed” Starfighter, is in deep trouble. And then there’s the kidnapped Princess Tiffany. A special note about this issue. The character Kenzie Carson is based on the daughter of a friend. The real Kenzie is in desperate need of a kidney transplant, and so all profits from this issue will go towards helping her pay for it.

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