Adventures Of Odie #1


Young Bret encounters several street thugs on the way home from school but is saved by Odie, while learning about his greater purpose in the universe.

Kyle K. Bowsky, Ted Lody

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

The story of “Odie the One and Only” and the Guardian, with the adventure in the city, helping the community, one soul at a time. The Guardian is a source of guidance and protection. The Guardians main purpose is to protect and help Odie serve others. The Guardian normally directs Odie towards his destination where he is needed the most, the Guardian is Odie’s “Higher Self” in a sense. The Guardian was sent to assist Odie on his mission to influence change in the world. This is when Odie realizes that his purpose is much bigger than he ever thought possible.

Format Clear
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