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Action Bunny One-Shots #1


P. Skylar Owens,Jean Poole

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

What It's About

After waking in in a befuddled state, Becca Starr is attacked by a humanoid alien, only to discover that has grown to gigantic proportions. With the world watching the battle, the U.S. Government takes notice and begins to take charge over her life. When the enigmatic Über-Sapien known as Zeron arrives Becca realizes that this is no game!

While on her way to join a new Unisex Wrestling league, Becca Starr encounters a battle between the Army and 2 extraterrestrial beings, and is struck by a stray bolt of energy, changing her life forever. Now with the ability to change her size from micro to macro, she now has a new arena and adversaries for battle.

Format Clear
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	Action Bunny Comix


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