Action Bunny Comix #1


P. Skylar Owens, Jean Poole

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Ashley Montgomery and Kirby Katzenberg both have stories to tell regarding the Space warrior Zeron. As they try to help him blend into Earth life, They realize that it will no longer be normal, as a typical day hits the fan. Meanwhile, Exotic dancer Matilda Banks finds that you can't take a leisurely stroll in the world of Aramond without protection. Also, The Demoness Tima takes time out of Aether-casting to hone her fighting skills against the things that lurk in the Dark. First in a Trilogy! This is an introduction to a world of heroes, through the eyes of their women. From the roles of Damsels, Partners and Heroines, fast paced and witty, they show that their lives are filled with danger and adventure and that they may be the only ones who really see what's going on in the World and try to keep everyone else anchored.
Format Clear
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	Action Bunny Comix


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