A.L.F.A. #1


Seven Armageddon Troopers have stolen five ounces of Anthrax from the C.D.C. located in Manhattan New York. Bionic and Garuda, were at a bar enjoying a few games of billiard when they hear about what’s happening from a news report and since they were in the area, decide to do something about it.

R. Chris Hyde, Luis M. Cruz, Federico Dalman

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

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What It's About

As they battle the troops, they are unaware that they are being watched from a rooftop by a man named John Adams. During the battle, Garuda and Bionic are joined by Selket, who happened to be in the area also. After defeating the troops, the two men introduce themselves to Selket and are trying to figure out who these troops work for. Suddenly, they hear footsteps walking toward them, it’s John Adams, who explains to them who the Troops are and why they did what they did.

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