A Way to the Stars


He travels from city to city. He lives a different life in each place, takes a different face, a different job, a different name. He belongs nowhere, and there is not one place he can call home. But there is a city, a city called Dayno, that seems to hold the answers to all of his questions just beneath the thick, rotted asphalt streets.

Aimee Cozza

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 144

What It's About

What question is it he wants answered? What is it, exactly, he is looking for, with each city that ends up behind him? Where ever he goes, what ever he does, Dayno calls him back by name. He must know why. It speaks to him, every night he stays awake, smoking a cigarette on the roof top of a rented motel, staring at the stars, so distant, yet, close enough he feels he can reach out and grab them. It speaks in vowels and uttered phrases by a million different mouths. The buildings clamor together and the power cables vibrate in an intonation that strikes him straight in his heart. If only he could just understand it.
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