Savage The Fanzine #1

Brent Anderson, Will Murray, Joeseph Simon, Wally Monk, David Conine, Dee Claborn, Eric Roman, Michael Scarola, Fland, Pykotta

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 96

What It's About

In this premiere 100 page giant issue of Savage the Fanzine, you will find a treasure trove of Ka-Zar related material including the following: Popular comic book artist Brent Anderson shares a huge portfolio of his concept work for the titular jungle hero and an interview about his work on Ka-Zar’s longest-running series. Pulp expert and comics contributor Will Murray explores how different Ka-Zar might have been if Marvel”s bullpen had made only a few different decisions. Freelance writer David Conine shares his thoughts after binge-reading 34 issues of Ka-Zar the Savage for the first time. Writer Joeseph Simon shares a story of Ka-Zar fan fiction, where the Golden Age meets the Silver Age in the antarctic Savage Land! In addition, numerous illustrations by Dee Claborn, Eric Roman, Michael Scarola, Fland, and Pykotta are scattered throughout the 100-page massive compilation. Expect some surprises along the way! Sold at the actual cost of printing, with no profits being retained or paid to the creators and editors.

Savage the Fanzine is a work of fan-produced news, articles, interviews, and illustrations created by members of the Facebook “Age of Ka-Zar Fan Page”” for collectors.

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