8: A Kids Book Anthology


Mark Harmon,Michelle Kondrich,Sam Kirkman,Craig Pirrall,Ben Powis,Christopher Tupa,Denver Wagner,Lee Wiley

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Page Count: 70

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8 Artists Weave Changes into the Fabric of Modern Publishing Via the Internet In the fall of 2009, Christopher Tupa began gathering a group of artists, a blend of professional illustrators and passionate storytellers to take part in a collaborative project. The aim; to create and self publish an anthology of illustrated short children’s stories. Eight artists wrote and illustrated their own eight page story and were able to discuss and critique each other’s work (over a period of several months) through the ‘Illopond’, a website created by illustrator Ben Powis. The participating artists are: Mark Harmon, Michelle Kondrich, Sam Kirkman, Craig Pirrall, Ben Powis, Christopher Tupa, Denver Wagner and Lee Wiley. The artists communicated solely through the magic of the internet, via email and the Illopond.com, as they are spread out around around the globe – from Denver to Fresno, from Japan to the United Kingdom. 8: A Kid’s Book Anthology is truly a global production in self publishing and a fine example of how modern communication techniques can bring creative people together to collaborate, share ideas, create stories and have lots of fun! The artists feel strongly about the importance of collaboration and self-publishing in today’s illustration market. They believe that artists must take control of their careers, create work that they are passionate about, and market and distribute that work to the public.

The first (as far as we know) kids book anthology! 8 artists, 8 stories; all unique in tone and style. Perfect for kids, kids at heart and anyone who likes to read or study kids books or likes to read them to friends or family members.

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