Weapon Combat League #0


Faust Raven is the last remnant of a fallen empire, the one left behind after the great war, and the treaty that followed, left him without a lineage, without nobility…but not without power. Thanks to the mysterious suits of armor he and his friends wield, Faust possesses the might to strike back at those he believes have wronged him…but for how long? And is all well within the ranks of the self-proclaimed Four Horsemen?

Jonathan Price

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

What It's About

When the secrets of the military combat suit known as WEAPON are exposed to the public, before long they flood the streets and it seems every civilian is using a power suit for crime, chaos or their own selfish ends. To avert the possibility of civil war, General Patricia James, amid dissent from both superiors and subordinates, sponsors a tournament to encourage the “WEAPON-wielders” to compete for fame and fortune and to inspire the populace. But just as the world begins to embrace the WEAPON as the wave of the future, a dark secret about the origin of the technology emerges, threatening to destroy everything Patricia sought to build. WEAPON Combat League; an action-packed tale in a world of fantastic technology, with stories of action and conflict, of drama and heartbreak, of love and loss, of rivalry, of the haves against have-nots, of the balance of power, of the ripple effects of past sins thought buried.

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