Timecrystal #2


Killinger arises and walks the city at night. A gruesome murder occurs in the city the next day. Unfortunately, the evidence leads the police directly to Alex Z-Man. Siro Itsu plots to steal the Timeball and LA becomes suspicious and investigate the tall tales Alex has been telling her about the Timaeus!

Arvid Christopher Berg

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Alex Z-Man discovers the secrets of time travel from Nebulius. Nebulius provides guidance and shows Alex how to build a Timeball. A machine that can bring people from the past to the present. But time travel is not what Alex thinks it is. It is wrought with danger and unintended consequences. Nebulius, an ancient being who has mastered the secrets of time travel, but not the consequences, helps Alex undo the colossal damage that he fears might come. Join Alex, Nebulius, and a cast of other characters, as they experience time travel as no one else has.

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