The Art Of Chris Malgrain #3

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A selection of Chris Malgrain’s favorite illustrations for various publishers.

Chris Malgrain

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

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1 review for The Art Of Chris Malgrain #3

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Charles Mosteller (verified owner)

    Is this comic book worth the $3.99 cover price?

    Nope! Not by a long shot.

    It’s just a collection of different art and different pages from various pieces and projects. If it were a lot longer, in terms of page count, then I could conceive of it being worth four bucks.

    What this is really good for, though, is for serving as a visual vehicle of what the artist is capable of. Some of the stuff in here is of the so-so variety, and either those instances were of some of his earlier work, or they were deliberately crafted as they were for a particular reason.

    While all of the interior pages aren’t of quality or of the same degree of visual impact, the better pieces demonstrate that this guy – artist Chris Malgrain – has some real art talent on his hands. There’s some good stuff in here!

    The double-page splash page that features several characters, including one Galactus-looking guy, that right there sold me on what Chris is capable of. Clearly, this guy has only gotten better with age!

    Why on Earth, then, that he didn’t bother to include some pages of sequentials in this visual teaser of an issue is beyond me. That’s what I want to see – not a bunch of splash pages and pin-up pieces. For that reason, alone, he ensures that I won’t be giving this particular issue five stars. If you’re going to bring it – Then, bring it!

    This issue brings some quality art, and some quality coloring – but, no pages of sequentials, which is invariably where the real storytelling of a regular comic book is going to play itself out in front of the reader.

    If Chris Malgrain is out there, be sure to tell him that he has a new fan. Near the end of this issue, a comic book titled The Formidables (Issue #3) is promoted. This teaser issue has jolted my attention to check that series out. I’ll be headed that way, shortly, after I post this review.

    Lots of visual details, some great science fiction stuff with an emphasis on the futuristic, and a fairly wide range of demonstrated artistic prowess. If it’s still a free digital download, when you happen upon it, go ahead and grab yourself a copy. I recommend it! It makes for a decent visual introduction to Chris Malgrain’s artistic talent.

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