Scorp & Scorpianna #1


Lou Graziani, Jim Stewart

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

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What It's About

Becoming dissatisfied with his life as a secret agent, Scorp has gone rogue from the Pentagon Team and dug up facts about his past. Where is he really from? WHO this leads him to will change his life forever!

Scorp(File Name: Classified) Little is known about the man called Scorp. He was recruited for a tactical Pentagon team from the CIA, who are not cooperative about discussing his past. His unusual large cat eyes, pale albino-like skin and wrinkled nose-less face make people ask about him but he never answers. Scorp rarely talks at all, unless it”s an emergency. Even when he does, it”s a strange raspy voice that rarely says more than one word. What IS clear though, is that he is highly skilled in exotic martial arts of an unknown style.

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