Sadie McSnatch #2


Flush with confidence from her first successful bust, Sadie goes on the prowl for a man who’s been writing bad checks. But a dangerous bounty hunter named Marco knows he’s worth a lot more—and he’s mistaken Sadie for a notorious assassin. Things are about to get very, very real.

John Yeo Jr.

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

What It's About

Sadie McSnatch is cute, likable, fiercely loyal to her friends, and has a wicked right hook. But the only job she’s been good at was the kind you give to paying customers in the back of a car in a dark alley late at night. Sadie has decided that it’s time for her to start an honest living. Naturally, she wants to be a bounty hunter. Oh crap….

Format Clear
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