Ms. Johnni #2


Adrian “Asia” Petty

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

What It's About

Johnni has left the DC area to head to Atlanta via an internet tip from her son, Justin. Once here she encounters Asia-Caroline, Lennyx and Pastor Seven so Johnni must make alliances in her quest to find Taylor. However, Johnni has now stumbled on information that she is not supposed to know. Who is really out to help her and who wants her dead? Johnni Archie’s daughter has been kidnapped. To get her back, Johnni must get help from her genius yet alienated son, Justin, a street wise and violent woman named Asia-Caroline and mysterious ex-soldier named Lennyx. Is she ready to deal with to a deep network of insidious operations within the post 9/11 U.S. government that she discovers?
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