Hooded Cobra #1


As an agent for an ancient secret society known only as the den of serpents, hooded cobra heads out on what could be his most important but deadliest mission yet. Guided by the den’s master elder, Zohla, hooded cobra hunts down members exiled over 5,000 years ago. What he discovers while on their trail could possibly be the most evil scheme ever plotted against humanity.

Rob Hicks, Mickey “Spooky Kid” Chaney, Carlos Alberto, Moreno Diaz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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What It's About

An action/adventure thriller that follows Hooded Cobra, a special agent for an ancient secret society known only as The Den of Serpents. Rumored to have strong ties to the origins of humankind The Den has sent Hooded Cobra on a mission to hunt down and stop 5 exiled members who together formulate a plot to reduce the world”s population by over 70% with one catastrophic global event. (Recommended for ages 13+)

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