Guardian City Saint #0


An insider’s look at the Guardian City Saint world with maps, character bios, a short story introducing the Saint and the Sinner, and more.

Angel Santiago, Jeremiah Skipper

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

What It's About

Guardian City Saint story will follow two people, Abe, who like many kids his age in Guardian City, is just trying to survive each day. However, with pressure mounting at school and home, Abe contemplates taking his own life to make the pain stop. Events will unfold and a path Abe never imagined will emerge. His path will reveal a world that most people don”t even know exist (a place where demons cross over from another dimension) to worlds in a galaxy we thought to be all alone (we are not, nor have we ever been alone) in. Sounds massive I know, but all great things start with a single spark, a single event that launches an epic journey. ? In another part of Guardian City, Willi Traybe has a wonderful job, family, and a life that most envy. A man of faith, he sees the world as most people never will. As life unfolds, Willi”s faith will be tested and ultimately lead him down a path where choices will bring death and a rebirth as the Sinner. As the Sinner, Willi is free of all strings that weighed him down as a human being and punishes those who take advantage of their existence. His body is covered in tattoos that remind the his victims in the sins they have committed. ? Abe and Willi find a greater purpose in saving the citizens of Guardian City from current and future threats. Their methods may be different, but the message is the same… All criminals beware! They are destined to cross paths and in the end, they will either save one another or be each others destruction with the citizens of Guardian City caught in the middle.

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