Gift Revolver #2


Adrian Gutierrez, Steve Gutierrez

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

What It's About

A dark supernatural entity named Born 5th arrives in the city of Pasadena California after Gift Revolver reveals his strange power for the first time. The dark figure known as Born 5th begins claiming lives and goes on to unlock a dormant gene in an N.B.A. star named Travonne Gaynes. Meanwhile, Gift Revolver learns that there is more to the world around him.

Blue collar worker and struggling underground hiphop emcee. Gift’s interests in the paranormal, metaphysical, biblical and ancient occult ideas lead him to inheriting a unknown power. Gift along with his partner in crime, Filth One, take on the new challenge of figuring out what and where this power came from. This challenge soon becomes a problem. Entities of the unknown soon follow and threaten to pull the power from Gift’s body.

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