Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars #3


Tina Noire, Charlie Rock

Magazine Type Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

What It's About

Charlene Rocket has formed an unlikely alliance with Azatala Zatara, the warrior princess of an interstellar empire. But not everyone wants to be her friend. Lurking in the dark hallways of the Galactic Wrestling League are many challengers for planet Earth’s first champion. The deadly Daedarya has brought some allies of her own. And the ring is about to explode in this third chapter of Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars! Tag-Team Terror!

When a woman becomes the galaxy”s first human wrestling champion she becomes the target for all the best, and the worst, wrestlers who think a human isn”t good enough to hold the belt. Meet Charlene Rocket. Is she in over her head? Or can this woman from Earth take on the toughest, meanest wrestlers in the universe for the title! Plus a Bonus Story! Galaxy Wrestling All-Stars is the story of Women”s Professional Wrestling in a pulp science fiction setting. Women come from all over the universe to battle it out in the ring. You”ll see Princesses, Cowgirls, Demons, Vampires, Jungle Girls, and more as they contend for the championship of the Galaxy.

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