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Ex Novo Libris Vol 2


Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 338

ENL: Book 2: The Invention of the Microscope : June has followed James to the afterlife, only to find that James is already in the afterlife’s afterlife — a sort of artificial Hell realm designed to punish those who try to escape God’s plan. ALL AT ONCE and/or FINALLY, philosophizing and existential crises! God’s ex-wife’s rebellion is in pieces. But that’s what She’s wanted all along. Or is it? Just who is in charge here anyway? Where’s my lawyer? Alert my baker! Spread the paranoia on this cake of death! Malcontents left on a dying Earth are existence’s only hope for an optimistic universe. But is optimism what we really need? Don’t make decisions for yourself. Find out all the answers in this second and final volume of the Ex Novo Libris epic. Includes epilogue and author’s notes. Who is God? What does He want? What is His ultimate plan for you? Finally, the real answers to all your questions … are for some reason going to an unambitious average loser named James, who just wants to score with the amnesiac cyborg angel of death he thinks is his girlfriend. God’s twisted scheme is about to collide with his furious ex — and she has a plan of her own for the universe. Ex Novo Libris: now you know, and knowing shall set you free.



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