Empress #05


What It's About

The second arc of Empress begins in Issue 5! Goddesses, Chapter 1 of 4 The divine origin of Zia’s ancestors are revealed! Child of a slain goddess and a warrior, Eydis grows up in Scandinavia, naïve of her divine origins. Despite the safe haven of her village, people fear her, seeing something in her eyes beyond human description. From the darkness, strange creatures call for the child to reclaim a lost legacy. In a world of shield maidens, Vikings, and living nightmares from the underworld, how will Eydis survive? Zia, the last descendant of the Goddess Hecate has gone mad with power. She’s about to unleash her fury on 1930s Los Angeles… meanwhile, we’ll learn of the rich backstory.
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	Isle Squared Comics



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