Cindera: Doublecross #1


While training and honing her skills overseas, she receives a call from Washington, DC by the head of the agency with a mission of great importance. Upon her return to the States, she embarks on her mission only to find herself questioning the occurrences that surely follow.

Aaron A Baniewicz

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

What It's About

Years ago, ex-police officer Cynthia Colby was recruited by a top secret government project called GEOSF (Genetically Enhanced Operative Task Force) in order to “police” the ever growing suprahuman criminal population. As a result of much testing and experimentation, she became a member of the GEOSF. She gained new abilities and powers. Add her martial arts skills, hand to hand combat and weapons training, she has become a supra-human criminals nightmare.


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