Alien Dice #19


Tiffany Ross

Standard Comic
28 pages
Full Color

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What It's About

On Day 19, Lexx takes Dash, the winged tiger/speed dice out to capture the next dice and it’s a success! Or is it?

Chelsea reed had no idea what she was getting herself into when she opened the door and let her cat in on a stormy night so many days ago. What came in was a cat, her cat and not. What followed was even more bizarre and truly alien. Lexx attempted to reclaim his game piece, the cat, and thus began the introduction of Chel to the game of Alien Dice. It”s a game more complex than it initially appears. Animals are bonded to ‘dice” and uplifted with unnatural intelligence and abilities to fight and capture others of their kind or merely to entertain their masters. That was how the game was described to Chel…

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